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Capturing first-person point of view whitewater photos like this one was hard back in the days before cheap helmet cameras, like the GoPro, became common place.  This is a self portrait.  That is me rowing and shooting at the same time.How did I do it?  To create this image, I put a high-end digital SLR in a waterproof housing and then the housing was attached to a solid tripod.  The tripod was bolted onto to a steel plate that I lashed to the raft.  It took a plasma cutter and a trip to the welding shop to assemble the whole apparatus but the work didn’t end there.To fire the camera myself, I had to run fifteen feet of underwater grade cabling from the housing to a foot trigger. With the trigger on the floor of the boat I could shoot and row at the same time! Sometimes I get a little carried away in my constant quest for a better photograph..