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DMarx-2011-09-24-120387-Edit-Sunrise Sea Kayak at Lake MacDonald.jpg
A sea kayak sits quietly at sunrise along the shore of Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana.<br />
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Photography Tip:  (Full Disclosure) This sea kayak is not orange in my original capture.  In the original photo, this is a blue kayak.  The trouble is that a blue kayak, on blue lakeshore, with distant blue mountains lacks visual pop. To add interest to my foreground, I used Adobe Photoshop CC to paint the kayak a warm orange.  The interplay of warm and cool colors creates color contrast and thus more interest for the human eye.<br />
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Changing the color of the kayak was easy thanks to an awesome tutorial from Photoshop Wizard Mark Johnson.  To see how it is done go to<br />
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I will be teaching a basic photography workshop for those willing to camp out for a few nights right here in Glacier Park with the Wilderness Institute in early October.  More details soon.