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DMarx-2012-01-26-9535-Edit-Light Painted Rock On The Edge Of Yellowstone National Park.jpg
I love night photography.  Often I am happy to just  point my camera at the moon or stars and click away.  But sometimes there are elements in the foreground that need extra emphasis. At times like this I often turn to "painting with light."<br />
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Here I used two flashlights to make this boulder pop out from the surrounding darkness.  The flashlight that is positioned directly behind the rock acts as a rim light and it gives the boulder's top edge a little glow.  Each time I shot an image I swept the second flashlight over the rock to bring out details that otherwise would have been lost as the world slips into night.<br />
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If you are interested I will be teaching two photography workshops in Yellowstone this year and night photography is one of the techniques that I will demonstrate for those looking to learn something new.