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DMarx-2015-03-13-1626-Edit-Watching The Aurora Borealis At The Churchill Northern Studies Centre.jpg
There is nothing like a nice night at the edge of the Arctic when the Aurora Borealis waltzes across the sky. <br />
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Photography Tip: High ISO settings are <br />
essential when you want the bands of the Northern Lights. Processing this image required work in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop CC., and Nik DFine which is part of the Nik Software Collection from Google. <br />
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I have a series of video tutorials on the image processing patterns that I follow with most of my night photographs. subscribers can watch the complete tutorial in full 1080p HD. Everyone else can watch the first six minutes in 720p for free at<br />
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I will be leading another **Night Skies and The Northern Lights Photography Workshop** in early March 2016 up here. Space on this unique chance to learn everything that I know about night photography and image processing is extremely limited. More details at