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Sun dogs occasionally appear in our sky on special winter days.  I captured this beautiful phenomena above the Whitefish Mountain Resort five years ago but back in 2008 I could not draw out the detail that I wanted in the sky.  <br />
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Back in 2008, our raw image processing software was not powerful enough for such a high contrast winter scene.  Jump forward to today's technology and I can finally make something that I like out of the original raw file!<br />
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The difference between 2008 and today are the new Process Version 2012 Tonal Controls in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.  Lightroom 4 and 5's 2012PV exposure controls are the miraculous leap forward in technology that I needed to draw out the color in the bright sky and to hold some detail in the backlight foreground forest.  Check out my video tutorial on Lightroom's exposure control improvements at