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The Aurora Borealis dances across the sky on a cold clear night in Canada.  My students and I got to photograph this amazing Northern Lights display on the last night of our Aurora photography workshop up at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.<br />
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Photography Tip:  When shooting the night sky, with or without auroras, I like to include a little bit of earth st the bottom of my frame.  Details like the building and trees here give a sense of scale to my night shots.  In my opinion, the key is to include just enough foreground to ground the image's bottom edge but not waste too much space on the least colorful, least visually interesting part, of the composition.<br />
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I will be leading another Northern Lights Photography workshop up to Churchill in early March 2015.  Space is limited but we still have room for a few more photographers who want to see something amazing in the night sky.  More details at