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David_Marx_Photo_000245-Flathead Lake Dock at Sunset.jpg
Sunset colors surround an old dock on Flathead Lake, Montana.  This photo was my first big commercial sale way back in November of 2002.  I shot this one with 6 megapixel Canon D60 which was a cutting-edge camera for that time.  The advertisements that featured this image disappeared years ago but I still use this one when I am teaching Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workshops.  What you can't see in this version are the huge green and magenta bands of chromatic aberration that surround the dock and the pylons in the original capture.  Of all the advances in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 one of the most amazing has got to be the one-button lateral chromatic aberration removal feature.  For a video tutorial on this incredible image repair tool see