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DMarx-2013-03-11-2360-Edit-Aurora Borealis Over A Frozen Lake.jpg
The Aurora Borealis paints waves and clouds of colored light across a frozen lake in Churchill, Manitoba.<br />
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Modern digital cameras, like the Canon 5D Mark III, make it much easier to capture this kind of image.   The latest round of digital SLR camera's can capture usable images at ISO settings that were just useless a few years ago.<br />
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This shot required a 6400 ISO setting.  By carefully massaging my raw file through  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and the Nik Define / Nik Sharpener Pro toolsets I am able to hide almost all of the chroma noise and to mitigate the "sandstorm look" that the high ISO setting creates.  This shot took a little bit of tweaking but thanks to today's amazing capture / post-processing technology I can produce a pleasing image that exceeds anything that I could have hoped to capture back in my film photography days.