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David_Marx_Photo_022264-Edit-Rafting Through Upset Rapid Grand Canyon.jpg
I love first person point of view whitewater rafting images.  When these shots work well they place the viewer inside the action.  Rather than a bystander a strong first person point of view shot places us in the boat and creates a sense of anticipation about what's about to hit.<br />
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When I shot this image, back in the days before the GoPro and inexpensive helmet cams, these pictures were hard to capture.  Capturing this image took a high-end DSLR, a waterproof housing, and some custom fabrication.  I put a lot of effort into it and took a lot of risk.  When I look at it now, when I get that feeling of being in the boat about to get slammed around by the mighty Colorado River, I know that it was worth all the effort.