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DMarx-2014-02-02-6162-Edit-Hot Spring Pool Near Twin Geysers Black and White.jpg
Black and white image of one of the amazing geothermal hot pools in the West Thumb Geyser area of Yellowstone National Park. <br />
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Photography Tip: My original image here was in color. After initial raw image processing in Photoshop Lightroom, I sent this file over to Adobe Photoshop and then weaved my way in and out of Nik Silver Efex Pro using Channels, Smart Objects, and Layer Masks.<br />
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Some pretty sophisticated tricks were required to bring out all the detail that I wanted here. If you are interested, I have a video tutorial where I demonstrate this sophisticated multi-pass black and white conversion routine on a different image.<br />
<br /> subscribers can watch the full twenty-five minute tutorial in 1080p. Everyone else can watch the first ten minutes for free at<br />
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Also, I will be leading another Yellowstone National Park Winter Photography Workshop next February. This is one of the places that we will visit. More details at