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Yellowstone National Park

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Geothermal steam rises at dawn in the Old Faithful Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park.<br />
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Photography Tip:  You must include definitive foreground elements in your landscape photographs if you want your image to speak about one particular place.  <br />
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Yellowstone is unlike any other place on Earth because of its incredible geothermal activity.  You must include some strong geothermal element in your foreground if you want to make an image that screams "this is Yellowstone at sunrise."  <br />
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This message though is not limited just to Yellowstone.  Finding the right foreground is a core component of all landscape photography.<br />
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I will be leading another Yellowstone National Park Photography Workshop this September with local expert Dr. Jim Halfpenny.  This will be a small group field photography experience with lots of  hands-on instruction.  More details at