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Travel Photography

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Late day summer sunlight glows around a raft of fly fishermen on the Clark Fork River in Montana.<br />
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Photography Tip:  Shooting directly into the sun is generally considered to be a photographic no no.  Heavily backlight shots are usually full of flare, lens aberration, and distracting hot spots.  All of these visual flaws often ruin a strong image. <br />
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Like all rules in art though these same flaws often give backlit images a unique beauty.  When it is done right, backlit photos tell a story of a wonderful summer afternoon and this style of lighting creates a warm dreamy mood. <br />
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Now I am still learning how to shoot this style of imagery and how to turn these flaws to my advantage day after day.  If you would like to see a master of this style please go check out the wonderful stock and editorial photography that Forest Woodward creates at<br />
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