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Skiing and Snowboarding

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DMarx-2013-12-24-4898-Christmas Eve Torchlight Ski Parade 2013.jpg
"Santa's torchlight parade" winds it way down a ski slope at the Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana.  <br />
<br />
This image is made from a blend of four different exposures.  First, I merged together three frames with relatively short shutter speeds to create the background image of the town and the sky.  Once I had my background I dropped in the torchlight blur trail from a much longer exposure of the same scene using layers and masks in Adobe Photoshop CC.   <br />
<br />
All too often students ask me do you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop?  Too often, this question gets raised as if there is some battle of one program versus another.  The truth is that I use all of the above and more.  I'll use whatever it takes to make images that I find pleasing!