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Grand Canyon

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DMarx-2013-12-03-3190-Edit-Granite Park Milky Way- Grand Canyon National Park.jpg
The Milky Way galaxy shines above the towering cliffs of the Grand Canyon on a clear crisp fall evening.  A hint of light pollution from Las Vegas, and the other towns up above the rim, illuminates the distant horizon.<br />
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Photography Tip:  To capture the Milky Way at its full glory you need five things.  1.  A place with minimal light pollution. 2.  A night with very little moonlight.  3.  A very wide aperture and a digital camera that can shoot clean images even at very high ISO settings.  4. A good sturdy tripod.  5.  Good raw file processing software and skills.  <br />
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That and a bit of luck are all it takes to make photos like this one.  Now go outside and shoot away!