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Grand Canyon

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DMarx-2013-12-01-2892-Edit-A Million Stars Over The Grand Canyon.jpg
A million stars glitter over the walls of Parashant Wash on a clear November night at the bottom of Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.<br />
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Photography Tip: This image was shot at a ridiculously high ISO setting (16,000 ISO.) In the original raw file the noise is hideous. By blending eight similar frames together using the Median Stack Mode on a Smart Object Layer in Adobe Photoshop, plus a little work in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the results are incredibly clean!<br />
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I will be sharing a step-by-step video tutorial on this amazing pinpoint star noise reduction technique tomorrow over at subscribers can watch the complete tutorial in full 1080p HD and everyone else can watch the first six minutes for free.<br />
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