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Grand Canyon

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DMarx-2013-11-27-2134-Edit-Havasu Hips.jpg
The water and the cliff walls at Havasu are an explosion of vibrant color.  It is hard to believe that there really are places on Earth like this one where the water is so blue and the sandstone is so red.  <br />
<br />
Photography Tip:  Grand Canyon National Park is a hard place to shoot.  It is hard to create a sense of scale when you are shooting towering sandstone cliff walls that rise up for thousands feet above the river bottom.  When I am working with big landscapes, like the Grand Canyon, I like to include a human element in my composition.  The inclusion of a human elements gives the viewer's eyes a much stronger sense of scale and distance.  Plus, including my friend Sarah in this scene turns a "postcard" type photo into an adventure story!