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Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon at night is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen.  Equally amazing to me is what the modern digital camera can see with just a little bit of star and moonlight.<br />
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Photography Tip:  Aperture is critical in night photography.  The wider the aperture, the more stars the camera sees.  At apertures like f/2.8 and wider, the camera can record the presence of stars that are too faint for the human eye to notice.  This one of reason why night photography is such a magical experience.  With the right lens, and the right skies, the camera really can see more in the dark than we can.<br />
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Night photography is one of the topics that we will discuss and practice at my Autumn in Yellowstone National Park Photography Workshop this September  with park expert Dr. Jim Halfpenny.  This will be a small group field photography experience with lots of  hands-on instruction.  Space is very limited but there is still room for a few more participants.  To register go to