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Coast of Maine

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DMarx-2014-09-04-0754-Edit-Boothbay Harbor Sunrise.jpg
Sunrise colors fill the sky as day begins over Boothbay Harbor, Maine.<br />
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Photography Tip:  Find a strong colorful foreground.  Gorgeous skies are great but you need something of interest along the bottom edge of the frame to balance out the composition.  This is especially true when shooting landscapes with wide-angle lenses.<br />
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When processing your landscape images make sure that your dominant foreground elements "pop."  Emphasize textures, sharpness, contrast, and saturation the most where you want the viewer's eye to go.<br />
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This is one of the locations that we will visit this October during my *Coastal Maine Photography Workshop* at the Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa. This photography workshop is centered on the sea and its endless photographic possibilities!<br />
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We will float from island to island in our own private motorboat each day while out photographing beautiful harbors, remote lighthouses, and working lobster boats. This is a terrific opportunity to improve your photography while enjoying the cuisine and hospitality of Maine’s finest resort. <br />
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More information about this unique small-group learning opportunity at