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DMarx-2015-07-12-8580-Pano-Edit-The Old Barn Near Coulee City Black and White Panorama.jpg
An old barn in near Coulee City in central Washington.<br />
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Photography Tip: This image is a two-frame panoramic merge that I created with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. My original image was in color so from Lightroom I went to Adobe Photoshop and then in and out of Nik Silver Efex Pro using Channels, Smart Objects, and Layer Masks.<br />
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Some pretty sophisticated tricks were required to bring out all the detail that I wanted here and to drive your eyes right to the windows and doors of the old barn. Fortunately, I made a video tutorial of the whole process!<br />
<br /> subscribers can watch the full twenty-five minute tutorial in 1080p. Everyone else can watch the first ten minutes for free at