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DMarx-2013-03-11-2275-Edit-Long Exposure Aurora Borealis.jpg
The Aurora Borealis shines across the night sky as the stars swirl above Churchill, Manitoba.<br />
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Photography Tip:  This photo is a single a sixteen minute exposure.  When I shot it, the Northern Lights were just a faint band of color across the eastern sky.  If the Aurora had been bright and active at this point in the evening then this long-exposure image would have blown out and failed.<br />
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The message that I hope to share today is that even a faint tiny light source will slowly become brighter and brighter to the camera if you extend the shutter speed into the seconds, minutes, and hours range.  Sometimes great things happen when we intentionally slow the way down and aim the camera at a clear night sky.<br />
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I will be leading another Northern Lights Photography Workshop up to Churchill in early March 2015.  Space on our Aurora workshop is extremely limited but this is a tremendous opportunity to see something amazing in the night sky and to experience the magic of the Arctic.  More details at