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Aurora Borealis Photography

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DMarx-2016-03-01-7088-Edit-Auroral Curtains in the Eastern Sky.jpg
Waves of light from the Aurora Borealis ripple across a cold clear sky at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Manitoba. This photo is one frame from a time-lapse clip that I captured while the lights danced overhead.<br />
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Photography Tip: Learn to shoot time-lapse. Learn to set your camera up with a cable release, or an intervalometer, and then let it fire away for hours in the dark. <br />
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If all goes as planned then you will end up with the frames that you need to make a beautiful video clip. Plus somewhere in the middle of that long sequence of frames you might find one image that sums up the whole event. And if it doesn't work out as planned; so what. Pixels are free!<br />
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